Friday, October 31, 2008



" Skeletons, the Brooklyn group who’ve recorded for our bros at Ghostly in the past, are putting out a record on Tomlab called Money that’ll likely work for both dispositions. Their collapsing, Pollack-like jazz punk—kind of like The Jesus Lizard covering Loose Joints with more chromatic tones—can be full of cathartic tom fills one minute and then lull off into la-la land with horn parts that sound like they have wings attached to them the next. In other words, it's totally bi-polar but one-hundred-percent jamming."


Tower of Sleep!

"Brand-new song from the brand-new album by one of the most underhyped bands in indie rock. Abstract, big-band art-pop with a heap of electronics and a free jazz approach to jamming and freakout. They started out as a synthy dance band, then stepped up into some skinny Prince grooves before mixing in a pleasant helping of fractured tropicalia and afrobeat on last year’s Lucas. This time around it’s less dance and more abstraction. If the Dirty Projectors aren’t “difficult” enough for you, this is your band."


Pittsburgh City Paper:

"The first proper song, "The Things," is a rousing groove whose guitar rhythms suggest both Captain Beefheart and Jeff Beck's Blow By Blow, and whose sonorous horns seem to borrow a bit from the old Batman TV theme. Synths, theremin and choirs swirl impulsively in and out of the frenetic funk, as the singer asks, "Why would I want to know ... these things the children of rich men know?""


Cleveland Free Times:

"Most pop music is frustratingly pedantic. It should be possible to write a catchy song that doesn't use the same samples or effects used in every other artist's songs. It should be possible to integrate technology with traditional rock instrumentation to create nuanced compositions that reward repeat listens but can still be whistled. And it should be possible to include every sound, rhythm and melody, regardless of genre, to enhance a song without being pigeonholed as noise, electronica or world music. If you share any of these concerns, then $keleton$ is the band for you."


Baltimore City Paper:

"Skeletons-a pleasingly weird New York outfit that does well running assorted global music ideas, out-jazz, and improvised groove through a demure indie-rock"


The great music tabloid! NME:

Looks like so far this time around we have: Jackson Pollack, Jesus Lizard, Loose Joints, Prince, Dirty Projectors, Jeff Beck (!), Captain Beefheart, Psycho soundtrack by Bernard Hermann, and Modest Mouse. We'll keep a running list going...

SEE you in the BIG COUNTRY in the coming END DAYS.

With Love and Empathy, true as the average, broke as a joke,


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