Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Believer Music Issue

The Believer's annual Music Issue is out now and we're super-excited to be on the DISK that comes with it!

Some of the illest musics from all the reaches of the world... ie. Tartit, Mahmoud Ahmed, Animal Collective, Googoosh, Dirty Projectors, Madlib, Gang Gang Dance, and more and more and more. Sick interviews with Alan Bishop and Ian Mackaye too...!

You can checks the notes on the Compilation here:

then, check this out.

then this.

and finally Maximum Sorrow.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Old Video

I thought I'd finally pull some of these things out the archive/graveyard of old computers and hard drives in support of the new SHINKOYO download store stylings. The video, made back in 2002 (before youtube right?!), for the song "my friend drowned in his own vomit" from "life and the afterbirth". You can get the album in mp3 format now for a donation of your choosing at SHINKOYO!

Also, check out this photoshopping.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Shinkoyo's been RE-BORN this summer, new releases spewing forth!

One a week until the Summer's end!

Monday June 30th : Mario Diaz de Leon "Mira"

Monday July 7th - Doron Sadja "Sotto Voce"

Monday July 14th - Holy Gold "Holy Gold"

Monday July 21st - Symbol "landspacewaterfaith"

Monday July 28th - Regattas (Sam Hillmer) "Garudas"

Monday August 4th - The Holy Experiment

Monday August 11th - Zeljko McMullen "Red and Blue"

Monday August 18th - Severiano Martinez and Mario Diaz de Leon "Still Point"

Monday August 25th - MV Carbon

Really some amazing records we've been wanting out in the world for long long times!

They're being released via our new SHINKOJUKO, a note from the head of our PROMOTIONS dept:

"The SHINKOJUKO features free streaming of
Shinkoyo releases from 2002 to the present, as well as a
pay-as-you-wish store for downloading Shinkoyo albums - 1 cent to
infinity $$!"


Also the earth is shrieking!

With Love,


Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Probably one of the greatest websites in this universe, in this year 0200008 - UBUweb has recently added some of the killing-est shit for yus music fiends and friends...

Derek Bailey's Improvisation doc for the BBC (checks the book if you haven't! - this has been up here for a while, as well as the Greenaway below...)

Music With Its Roots in the Aether by Robert Ashley. This is newly added and totally unbelievable. Only the Landscapes are here, which is only half the piece (1 hour Landscape interviews, 1 hour performances...). Ashley milks a goat with Terry Riley, overlooks SF bay with David Behrman, and tells Phil Glass how kids seem a little bit like aliens to him! Yes!

Four Composers by Peter Greenaway. This was something we watched in school: Cage being awesome, Ashley doing "Perfect Lives", Meredith Monk doing "Dolmen Music", and P. Glass slow mo headbang cues, talking about how they'd tour and only their mom would come to the show...