Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Shinkoyo's been RE-BORN this summer, new releases spewing forth!

One a week until the Summer's end!

Monday June 30th : Mario Diaz de Leon "Mira"

Monday July 7th - Doron Sadja "Sotto Voce"

Monday July 14th - Holy Gold "Holy Gold"

Monday July 21st - Symbol "landspacewaterfaith"

Monday July 28th - Regattas (Sam Hillmer) "Garudas"

Monday August 4th - The Holy Experiment

Monday August 11th - Zeljko McMullen "Red and Blue"

Monday August 18th - Severiano Martinez and Mario Diaz de Leon "Still Point"

Monday August 25th - MV Carbon

Really some amazing records we've been wanting out in the world for long long times!

They're being released via our new SHINKOJUKO, a note from the head of our PROMOTIONS dept:

"The SHINKOJUKO features free streaming of
Shinkoyo releases from 2002 to the present, as well as a
pay-as-you-wish store for downloading Shinkoyo albums - 1 cent to
infinity $$!"


Also the earth is shrieking!


With Love,


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