Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3 planes and as many duty free smokes as possible, without a scratch, touchdown, SCOTLAND. first cultural barrier comes in an innocent airport cafe - we ask to throw some junk in the trash can - silence - waste bin? silence. Garbage? Silence. OH, you mean RUBBISH. yes. Sharon the very sweet promoter meets us and we get the car. Driving on the WRONG side of the road in a stickshift car brings some some hilarity to the sleep exhausted but super pumped wonderment vibe. Everything is ancient, every building made of gray granite, covered in emerald moss. Gig is in old abandoned train tunnels, brick arched rooms. Old locals speaking in Doric/Aberdonian, throaty olde Scottish code. They love techno, they love drink.

After dinner at the Tilted Wig.


GPS-free drive is an adventure, sheeps, castles on distant hilltops, stone walls, the whole bit. OH yes, Orange Juice with pulp is called "With Juicy Bits" -- no pulp is "NO BITS". Dude in the parking lot comes ups and sez "Hay gouse Ey jost brooke oop widda me ghetto frand can youse sparr a cooople pance Eyam stronded" and is met with complete silence. "Doo yoose spake Anglish?!" After he leaves we realize he meant his girlfriend. Our performance was dominated by fog machine. Alls well, blast to check out the other cats - Gilles Peterson, Candi Staton, Aiden Moffat, Fourtet, Derrick May, but especially Kitchen Cynics, super humble man from Aberdeen; hidden Scottish acoustic treasure moss.

Ancient vibes again, medieval streets, trolls, Governor lives in a perched castle. Openers and local legends DOMINIC WAXING POETIC are brilliant, as they say here, hilarious super literate audience baiting post punk, great dudes. Discovery of Legendary Crust. Monumental hang with hallowed local music patron Dougie, who is retired from the IRS. He browses the internet via his television - at about 4am we check out this vid.

View of Edinburgh from David Hume's body grave.

Monday, April 28, 2008

tom, jane, alec baldwin

GPS blessed today. Hair Jordan slamming strong in the fog room! HELP! Witchita! Man was caught in a bear trap at our show last night, no one helped him til the set ended... it was really loud you know?!

-The Team, norks a lordy! It's great to be here!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Kings of Power 4 Billion%

Paul Robertson is an animator from Melbourne, Australia and he made this movie with MUSIC by Cornel Wilczek.
This is only the trailer you must see and HEAR the full media!
It's blowed my mind in a WAY.

Linx to full download.
or watch it on YouTube
Part 1
Part 2


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Living Space

This is from a posthumous John Coltrane record called "infinity", still yet to be issued on CD, etc... I found it a little while ago at Academy in Brooklyn - no idea what it was - wild artwork - ! - totally incredible. Alice overdubbed strings, harp, organ, Rashied Ali, Charlie Haden, Pharoah and more over some unreleased recordings of the original quartet!

Also of note, Coltrane had already overdubbed himself, doubling the melody on this one. The original recording, sans Alice's arrangements was issued on CD by Impulse, called "Living Space" - with some other unreleased quartet yams.

Never ceases to hit me hard. Been wanting to see this in Blogsville USA for so long.



Monday, April 21, 2008


Welcome to a word from our sponsor...


Welcome to the Skeletons Blogsville, USA communication hub aka a word from our sponsor aka yus aka the SKELETONS band. Have you met the band?

We're leaving this week for a Europe soil tour and we've finished a new record. I don't know when it'll be out or where... yet. This'll have to do as a way to remind the rest of the world we're still alive for the next 6 weeks...?



this is the RECORD info:
"MONEY" by Skeletons

1. fill my pockets full
2. the THINGS
3. RIPPER aka the pillows
4. STEPPER aka work
5. dripper / boom
7. Unrelentinglessness
8. the masks
9. lullaby
10. 11 (IT'LL RAIN!)

this is the TOUR info:
26 Apr UK Aberdeen –Tryptich Festival / The Tunnels
27 Apr UK Glasgow – Tryptich festival / The Arches (with Four Tet, Matthew Herbert...)
28 Apr UK Edinburgh - Henry's Cellar Bar (with Dominic Waxing Lyrical)
29 Apr UK Leeds - The Library (with Ocean Size)
30 Apr UK Hull – New Adelphi
01 May UK London – Upset the rhythm / Luminaire (with Health)
02 May UK Coventry – Taylor John (with Damo Suzuki and Teneberous Liar)
03 May UK Manchester – Futuresonic (with Wire, The Chap and Dirty Projectors)
04 May UK Northampton - Bibliotek
05 May UK London – Resonance FM session 104.4 FM (9h30-11h)
07 May UK London – Vice release party / Old Blue Last
08 May UK London – Barden’s Boudoir (with Damo Suzuki)
10 May NO Oslo - Spasibar
16 May IRL Dublin – Maximum Joy / Kennedys of Westland Row
17 May IRL Cork – Ping Pong / Liquid Lounge
19 May FR Paris - Fleche d'Or (with No Kids)
21 May FR Lyon – Grnd Zero
22 May FR Marseille - La Machine a coudre
24 May BE Liege – Rock & Amour en Wallonie / Soundstation (with They Came from the Stars I saw them)
29 May NL Harleem – Patronaat
30 May NL Amsterdam – De Nieuwe Anitya
31 May DE Berlin - acoustic show tbc
01 Jun DE Berlin - NBI
02 Jun DE Hamburg - Astratube
03 Jun DE Hannover - Cafe Glocksee
04 Jun DE Koeln – Odonien
05 Jun FR Rouen – Emporium
06 Jun FR Cherbourg – Terra Trema Festival / La Breche (with Dan Deacon, Cobra Killer, Melt Banana)
07 Jun UK Bristol – Venn Festival
08 Jun UK Brighton – Engine Room
09 Jun UK London –The Fly