Tuesday, October 21, 2008



The Skeletons

After listening to the meandering mess of the lead track "Fill My Pockets Full," it should become obvious how awful this record is going to be. Money’s sixth full-length release drowns the senses in an overwhelming flurry of unnecessary instrumentation, evidently with the sole goal to portray the band as desperately weird and different. Lead singer Matthew Mehlan’s inane warbling immediately reeks of a lifelong obsession with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, and the record quickly spirals into a cluster-fuck that sacrifices the band’s potential in favor of a lost-cause effort to be the next Zappa. The overindulgent opus "Boom! (Money!)," kicks off with a barrage of blistering bass lines and chaotic drum beats that jarringly transition from a funk-infused blowout into a free jazz session that has no place in the song. With all their varied influences and obvious signs of musicianship, it’s simply sad that Money decided to give up on any semblance of cohesion and narrative. They try way too hard to be something they’re not: interesting.

-Max Gelber
From Bay Windows

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Sophie said...

Hi there,
I stumbled upon your blog by accident when looking up Skeletons (the name of the band) and their release Money (the name of the album) as I am playing it on my radio show tonight - I have to say that I think you're really just not understanding the band and where they come from in terms of your review of the album...how can you possibly think that a band like Skeletons would look to Thom York's vocals for inspiration? These guys are related to no wave bands and freak folk and sounds of people like no neck blues band or sun city girls or glenn branca or even keiji haino than anything even resembling radiohead.

Look all this stuff up and then maybe rethink your review.