Saturday, June 27, 2009

Strange, new words in Beckett's Murphy

ausculate - to listen to the organs, with a stethoscope
tetraktys - a Pythagorean figure formed by fire - spec. a equilateral triangle of ten points, arranged in lines of 1, 2, 3 and 4, thus combining, in perfect form, all the mystical numbers
dross - worthless, rubbish, the dregs
conarium - the pineal gland
indemnified - to compensate for harm, loss
caecum - pouch at the junction of small/large intestines
mew - cry, mid. eng 'imitative'
suspiration - breathing
neap - tide related
naevus - raised birthmark
gehenna - hell (new test)
poleaxed - hit, kill, shock, knock down
pudenda - exterior genitals, esp. female
torpor - state of physical or mental lethargy
triorchous - three testicled
peristalis - involving flexing f intestinal muscles
amnion - innermost membrane of animal embryo
maieutic - socratic inquiry, latent, consciousness
aeruginous - bluish green, patina-esque
caul - fetal membrane
austral - relating of/to the south
cozened - tricked, deceived
genustuprations - produced through insensibility
seneschalesque - major domo of great house
emetic - nauseate, cause vomit
rutting - male deer head-butting battle, when female in heat
cur - mangy dog
acathisia - motor restlessness
tantalus - a greek god, also a cabinet in which liquors are kept/locked
whinge - complain constantly, irritatingly
vermigrade - to have the quality of worms
craw - pouch in bird gullet, also an infant's stomach
evert(ed) - turn an organ inside out
clonic - repeated musc. spasm
pillory - public torture device, akin to stock
cyanosis - bluish discoloration of skin
garret - top floor of house, small, dismal attic
bijou - small elegant jewel
aery - ethereal (irish)
masard - ?
aposiopesis - a literary device, sudden breaking off speech
ampelopsis - woody vines of the grape family
yew - coniferous tree, poisonous, object of superstition in some cultures
tallow - animal fat, as was used in candles
oakum - loose fiber, untwisted rope
viridescent - greenish, or becoming green
fug - warm, stuffy atmosphere in a room
gyves - fester, shackle
immure - confine against will
fillip - stimulus, boost to activity, talk
bowers - pleasant, shady place, under a tree
monad - single unit, #1
apnoea - cessation of breathing
canution - temperance? refers to king of england?
byssus - silk, fine
chary - cautious, wary
emendate - correct, improve text
palliation - to ameliorate one's disease pains/symtpons, without curing
abolla - woolen cloak of ancient rome
halma - ancient greek game
crispate - having a wavy, curvy edge
doxy - lover, mistress, prosty
uric - insoluble acid, used by body for excretion
jackeen - drunken, dissolute
obole - greek coin?
canaille - common folk, masses
simper - gesture of affected, coy manner
lee -sheltered from wind, weather
pique - irritation, resentment, from slighting comment
cruse - clay pot or jar
caryatid - stone carving of female, in column form, often supporting entablatures
asperities - harsh qualities, conditions
postern - back or side entrance
ectropion - old age, eyelid turned outward
lanugo - fine soft hair, covering fetus
pellucid - translucent, clear
hypermetropic - farsightedness
scud - fast moving in straight line, often because of wind


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Grumpy Gnome said...

genustuprations - "genu" means knee and "stupration" is rape, so this word means knee rape

plutolater - people devoted to wealth

seneschalesque figure of five pounds - a seneschal in charge of household affairs in noblemans houses in the middle ages (sort of like an early butler) and the pounds refers to £'s not lb's. It's saying that it's a good wage.


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Curates in the bar?