Wednesday, June 11, 2008


cafe glocksee is part of the massive glocksee compound (maybe 3 city blocks large?), a former industrial park which has been converted to an independent community complex of studios, schools, music halls, and hangs

at the even more massive open yard metal sculpture studios of Odo Rumpf, located on the outskirts of town - between 6 sets of train tracks and the famous Pasha, the largest (9 stories) brothel in Europe. Shows here are rare, and we were crazy good to go. Thanks to everyone who biked out in the rain! Here are some pix we took in between many innings of the classic new summer dangervibe game we invented, Junkyard Bats

these breathed fire:

Jan with the RUFF MIX I gave him

...European dancefloors beware

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Helen said...

Welcome Back!!! Your photos and blog were most interesting. Thanks!